On the Issues

Bring Jobs and Economic Growth

My main focus in Frankfort will be bringing good paying jobs and economic growth to the 72nd District. To attract high paying jobs to our communities we must have an educated, drug-free workforce. We must also maintain a strong infrastructure and work to expand broadband internet access to every corner of our district.

Protect Our Public Pensions

Legislation passed by the House and Senate last session weakens our public pension system and takes money out of the pockets of hard-working Kentuckians. I will support the inviolable contract and the commitment we have made to our teachers, first responders, public employees, and retirees.

Invest in Public Education

I have witnessed firsthand the recent attempts to gut our public education system, from the implementation of charter schools, to the attempts to strip retirement benefits from our hard-working teachers and school employees. I am the proud product of a public education and I wouldn’t be where I am today without it. I believe that every student deserves an opportunity for a quality education, and I will fight always for our students and teachers.

Support Working Families

It’s time for Kentucky to get busy with real solutions for real families. Our families need jobs that pay a fair wage, affordable child care options, and access to health care. We also need modern tax reform, which would make those benefiting most from the economy pay their fair share and lower the burden on working Kentuckians and vulnerable populations who can least afford it.

Fight the Opioid Epidemic

We must work together to fight the opioid epidemic, which has affected families all across the commonwealth. We must focus on making prevention and treatment options available and accessible to everyone. We must invest in rehabilitation and work to provide education and career opportunities to those in recovery. Together we can work to solve this problem and help those suffering from addiction.

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